Replacing Your Sleep Supplies

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Recommended Resupply Schedule

Replacing Your CPAP/BiLevel Sleep Supplies

Properly using your device is only part of the solution if you really want to get the best results with sleep therapy. The other part is properly inspecting and replacing your PAP supplies as often as possible to maximize seal, ensure comfort and proper pressure levels. If you don't replace your supplies on a timely basis, the device will eventually become much less effective.

Masks and cushions can collect dirt, oil and bacteria from your face. These can deposit back onto your face while you sleep and cause skin irritation as well as create odors and affect how well the mask seals. Disposable machine filters also need to be changed out for the same reasons that your car and home HVAC filters do; build-up over time makes them less effective and may even contribute to nasal symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes.

You can help keep your equipment in first-rate condition simply by replacing your supplies as often as your insurance company allows. Based on overall wear and tear, we suggest that you use the following recommended schedule as a guideline to determine when to replace your CPAP parts:

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Medicare, as well as most private insurance plans, will cover and recommend regular renewal of your PAP supplies and equipment. It’s important to replace your supplies at regular intervals to ensure optimal comfort and proper function of your PAP device. Ignoring the recommended replacement schedule may lead to leaks, discomfort, skin irritation and infection.

Click here to speak to a MedXPress representative if you are still uncertain what your insurance guidelines will allow.

Disposable Filters

Similar to filters in your car or home HVAC, the filters in your machine need to be changed regularly for maximum effectiveness.

Nasal Cushions & Pillows

Replacing nasal cushions and pillows is important for hygiene, optimal comfort and air pressure.

Face Mask Cushions

Cushions should be replaced when they begin to deteriorate. While newer mask models are designed for better comfort and proper seal, the material used is more susceptible to rips, tears and deterioration.

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Full Mask / Hard Plastic Frame

With constant use and routine cleaning your mask gradually becomes less effective leading to decreased comfort.


Small holes may begin to develop in tubing which compromises the optimization of air pressure delivered thru your mask.

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Headgear and Chin Strap

Most headgear and chin straps are made out of neoprene, which stretches over time, which hampers the mask’s ability to maintain a proper seal.

Humidifier Water Chamber

Your water chamber can become discolored, appear chalky or even develop a fungal bacteria. Even with thorough regular cleaning, it is recommended to replace the chamber regularly.

Non-Disposable Filters

Regularly replacing your filters can prevent infection and also add life to your machine.

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