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What is Home Medical Equipment?

The Home Medical Equipment division of Medical Services of America is a full service provider of medical equipment and home respiratory products for a variety of conditions, such as COPD, obstructive sleep apnea, and asthma. This includes sales, service, and rentals with free delivery in your area. We provide superior customer service and top quality home medical products. Because we know that medical conditions and healthcare needs can vary from one patient to another, we are here anytime to answer your questions. 

We also offer a variety of products which include ambulatory devices and aids for daily living that help improve the quality of life for patients with special needs. To ease the unnecessary burden of financial concerns, the Home Medical Equipment division provides direct Medicare and Insurance billing. We guarantee professional, high quality service, with a personalized touch. Our staff is committed to providing a positive service experience with knowledgeable professional support in all aspects of our interaction with our clients. We engage our clients to be active participants in their own healthcare.

Our specialists talk to both the patient and the caregiver, evaluate the home environment, and provide the appropriate equipment as directed by the doctor’s treatment plan. Our qualified service team delivers the equipment, sets it up, and trains the patient for safe and easy use.

What to Expect

We pride ourselves in going above and beyond to treat our patients with compassion and dignity. 

Work with your doctor

Care always starts with a referral from a healthcare provider. A prescription will allow us to start your care and help us work with your insurance.

The first contact

We’ll contact you to let you know that we’ve started working with your doctor and insurance provider. During the process, we’ll keep you informed about timelines and what to expect.

Schedule delivery

Once your home medical equipment has been approved by your insurance, we’ll call you to set up a time to deliver it to your home.

Return products

Not every piece of home medical equipment needs to be returned. If your equipment does need to be returned, simply call us and we’ll schedule a time to come pick it up.

Product Categories

Respiratory needs can be varied and choosing the right type of product is important. We carry a wide range of respiratory products that will meet your respiratory care needs. This includes CPAP/Bi-Level PAP machines, oxygen supplies, products for asthma, allergy relief products, tracheostomy care, nebulizer systems as well as products designed for suction therapy. CPAP/Bi-Level PAP machines help in the treatment of sleep disorders, sleep apnea and often used in patients with congestive heart failure and severe respiratory distress. Oxygen therapy systems help in providing oxygen supply. Nebulizers are used to provide relief from asthma and other related respiratory problems. Suction therapy machines help in the removal of bronchial secretions from the throat. Tracheostomy supplies aid in the care of a tracheostomy. Children’s respiratory products are designed keeping their delicate needs and interest at heart.

Our product offerings feature all types of respiratory products to suit your specific needs – whether you need to use these products on-the-go or in the comforts of your home. These products are made from high-quality materials to provide effective results with optimum comfort to the users. At MSA, we offer respiratory supplies from various top-selling manufacturers like Phillips Respironics, O2 Concepts, Drive Devilbiss, VirtuOx, and Sunset Healthcare.

Oxygen Therapy

Some people cannot get enough oxygen naturally. They need oxygen supplements to live a healthy life. For them, oxygen therapy is a major benefit and essential for sustaining quality of life. Oxygen therapy, also referred to as supplemental oxygen, is using oxygen for treatment of certain medical conditions. People who receive oxygen therapy often experience better sleep and an increase in their energy level. The supplemental oxygen is transferred directly into your airway with the help of nasal prongs, a mask, or a breathing tube. For people with chronic respiratory disorders, a portable oxygen tank and/or concentrator may be required. Sometimes specific lung conditions prohibit oxygen absorption. 

Medical professionals use pulse oximetry to determine whether a person qualifies for an oxygen therapy treatment or not. For example, some may be required to be oxygenated at all times, while others need it under emergency circumstances such as an asthma attack. Oxygen therapy can be done at home for people with permanent needs, with a portable oxygen delivery system.

When to use Oxygen Therapy? 

Oxygen Therapy may be needed if you have the following medical conditions:

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Asthma 
  • Heart Failure
  • Pneumonia 
  • Sleep Apnea 
  • Cystic Fibrosis 
  • Underdeveloped lungs in newborns 
  • Respiratory system trauma

* Please seek for immediate medical attention if you experience these medical conditions.

What are the symptoms of Low Blood Oxygen? 

Oxygen Therapy may be required if you have the following symptoms:

  • Coughing or wheezing
  • Rapid breaths 
  • Confusion 
  • Sweat 
  • Changes in skin color 
  • Shortness of breath 
  • Increased heart rate 

* Please seek for immediate medical attention if you experience these symptoms.

Benefits of Oxygen Therapy
  • Oxygen therapy is beneficial to people with frequent low oxygen levels due to an underlying disease. It provides a more active lifestyle by decreasing shortness of breath. 
  • Oxygen therapy can save lives in case of emergencies and also increases life expectancy. 
  • It is beneficial in symptoms like headaches, irritability, confusion, fatigue and swollen ankles. These symptoms may be due to low oxygen levels in the body. 
  • Oxygen therapy is also helpful to children with congenital chronic lung diseases thereby improving their quality of life.

Oxygen Therapy Supplies

An important element of respiratory treatment is oxygen supply. To provide quality and uninterrupted oxygen supply, we have several types of oxygen therapy supplies including oxygen concentrators, oxygen regulators, oxygen cylinders, etc.

Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen concentrators are designed to provide a source of pure and concentrated oxygen, extracted from the surrounding air. Depending upon the size and design, they can be portable or stationary. Portable oxygen concentrators are lighter in size and usually battery operated so that they can be easily carried along while on-the-go. On the other hand, stationary concentrators are designed to provide oxygen therapy in the comfort of home.

Oxygen Conserving Devices

Oxygen regulators maintain the flow rate of oxygen through flow-adjustment knobs. We have a variety of oxygen conserving devices from Responsive Respiratory, Drive Medical, Medline and Roscoe Medical that ensure correct dosage of oxygen supply to patient

Oxygen Cylinders

Oxygen cylinders store concentrated oxygen for people who are recommended supplemental oxygen. They can be easily transported around providing greater freedom to patients. Also available are oxygen cylinder carrying bags, oxygen cylinder wrenches, oxygen cylinder carts for transportation and oxygen cylinder stands and racks.

Pulse Oximeters

Pulse oximeters are device that clip on to a body part like the finger or earlobe to determine the blood oxygen levels in the body. Low oxygen levels indicate the need for oxygen therapy. At HPFY you will find everything you need for an effective oxygen therapy session. We have resuscitators for emergency situations, Oxygen cylinders of all sizes with carrying carts, oxygen conserving devices for people who are permanently on supplemental oxygen and hospital facilities, Oxygen masks for children and adults, Oxygen cannulas, tubing and connectors, oxygen concentrators for hospital and home use, and other accessories from top manufacturers with quality assurance to keep your loved ones active and breathing.

Nebulizers and Compressor Systems

Nebulizers provide relief to people with asthma and other related respiratory problems. We have a variety of nebulizer machines ranging from travel size nebulizers, ultrasonic nebulizer units, disposable nebulizer, reusable nebulizers, nebulizer air compressors, hand-held asthma nebulizers, tabletop nebulizer machines, and much more.


Reclaim your freedom of movement with our complete line of exclusive mobility equipment from industry-leading manufacturers. These products are created to provide greater independence to those with restricted mobility. We offer a wide selection of user-friendly lift chairs, mobility scooters and wheelchairs designed to make movement smooth and perform routine tasks with ease. We also carry lifts and ramps, gait trainers, and patient lifts from top brands. Safe, reliable and durable – our products are top quality and priced affordably. Let us help you find the mobility products to help you overcome your mobility restrictions and regain your freedom.

Choosing mobility equipment that is right for you will depend on your specific needs. For example, when choosing a scooter the factors to consider are:

  • Do you need a mobility scooter for indoor use or outdoors?
  • Do you need one for basic mobility purpose or to suit an active lifestyle?
  • Do you need a three-wheel or four-wheel scooter?
  • Do you need to be able to travel/transport with your scooter?

We will help choose the right product for you based on your condition, and customize your equipment whenever possible – to make your life easier and more comfortable. At MSA, we offer mobility equipment from top quality manufacturers such as Drive DeVilbiss, Invacare, and Pride Mobility.

Mobility Equipment

Mobility Scooters

Our battery-operated mobility scooter range is varied and includes three-wheel scooters and four-wheel scooters for outdoors, indoors and travel. They are portable and allow for easy swiveling and maneuvering in tight spaces. There are also mobility scooters with ergonomically enhanced seating to offer wide choice in sizes.

Lift Chairs

Two- and three-position lift chairs are powered by a mechanism that lifts the user up into a standing position. This means minimum effort for both the caregiver and the patient. Ideal for use during the post surgery phase and for those who have difficulty sitting down or standing up. These are especially useful for sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, balance disorders and cerebral palsy. Lift chairs also include recline benefits allowing the user to recline down to a desired level without compromising safety or comfort. Some of our lift chairs provide full recline making it convenient for patients with a weak back to lie down fully. All controls are placed in the armrest of the chair. So experience quiet and smooth operations with the push of a button. 


Wheelchairs offer increased freedom to those who have restricted or impaired mobility and find it difficult to move around on their own. Our manual wheelchairs and power chairs are easily customizable to suit your exact individual needs. Our product line offers a huge selection of manual wheelchairs with bathroom/shower wheelchairs, reclining back wheelchairs, transporters as well as sports/top end manual wheelchairs. Our power chairs range has several high-end chairs to keep people on the move. We also offer heavy-duty bariatric wheelchairs, as well wheelchairs for pediatrics. We also offer more specialized products such as lightweight wheelchairs and motorized wheelchairs. 

Rollator Walkers

Rollators, or rollator walkers, are designed to meet the mobility requirements of those who are unable to move around unassisted. They are basically walkers on wheels or rolling walkers. Safe, reliable and sturdy, our rollators offer a comfortable and affordable solution to mobility. Discover newfound freedom with these mobility aids which provide maximum support and improved posture, constructed with highest quality materials.

Canes & Crutches

Walking aids form a crucial part of patient mobility. Canes and crutches provide a sense of independence enabling self-sufficiency. Our collection of canes and crutches offer sturdy support and are top quality. We offer a wonderful assortment of canes which include bariatric canes, quad canes, folding canes, tripod canes, retractable ice-tip canes and canes for the visually impaired. 

Standard Walkers

A standard walker is a walking aid characterized by its use of platforms at the bottom of each leg, rather than wheels. While wheels reduce friction and make movement easier, standard walkers tend to provide greater support and stability. If you’re struggling to make a decision, try both styles and see what feels most natural. If lifting and maneuvering your standard walker is a struggle, you may want to opt for a wheeled variant, but if maintaining posture and balance is difficult with a wheeled walker, you may want to opt for a standard model. 

Bariatric Walkers

Built to support larger users comfortably, heavy duty walkers (sometimes referred to as bariatric rolling walkers) are built around strength. We offer four-wheel models and no-wheel models. This category of walking aid contains only products that we’ve certified as sturdy and durable, including models with weight capacities in excess of 500 lbs. Width and height are also important considerations when selecting a heavy duty walker, which is why we stock rollators, wheeled walkers, and standard walkers capable of accommodating virtually any height and weight.

Knee Walkers

A knee walker (often referred to as a knee scooter or a platform walker) is a three-wheel or four-wheel walking aid that provides a unique alternative to standard walkers, canes, and crutches. Knee walkers allow users to propel themselves with one leg, while the other rests on a support platform. These devices are ideally suited to individuals who find it difficult or impossible to bear weight on a temporarily injured or permanently disabled leg.

Gait Trainers

Our gait trainers provide support, stability and weight-bearing assistance to those with physical disabilities. Also useful for someone walking again after a long time following recovery from an injury. Designed for both children and adults, these mobility aids help in walking and standing without a caregiver’s support. Gait trainers offer maximum seat and trunk support. The user can walk or stand unassisted and maneuver around the house with ease.

Scooter Lifts & Ramps

Our lifts and ramps provide complete flexibility with taking your scooters and rollators on the road. We have versatile outside lifts and inside lifts from leading brands. If you are looking for something compact and light then choose from our portable ramps section. These mobility lift aids are lightweight and have an easy-to-carry design. Our more permanent residential ramps are safe, low maintenance and highly durable. Hybrid lifts are highly user-friendly and compact while micro lifts are uniquely designed to be ultra compact and lightweight.


Standers are designed to assist individuals who are physically challenged, are confined to wheelchairs and have restricted mobility due to spinal cord injuries or multiple sclerosis. These mobility assistive devices offer sit-to-stand assistance, lifting the user up from a bed or chair and into a standing position. Safe and easy-to-use, standers provide relief to caregivers and increased freedom to the user. We have sit-to-stand standers as well as multi-positioning standers which allow 360 degrees movement with the user in a standing position.

Bath Safety Aids

Bath safety aid products include specially designed tools to help in toileting and showering such as commode systems, transfer benches, shower benches and shower seats/stools, bidets, shower chairs/gurneys, bath lifts, etc. There are commodes with raised toilet seats to facilitate easy sit-down on a commode, inflatable bathtub/basin for convenient shampooing, grab bars and toilet safety rails designed for those who need support sitting down or standing up. All bath safety aids are from leading brands like Carex, Lumex, Guardian, Bio-Bidet, Grand Line, Swash, Nova, etc. Our variety in commodes is vast and includes ones with drop arm, folding, without armrest, with regular armrest, padded, plastic and more. Also available are options in seat height, weight capacity, width, depth and size. 

Sleep therapy is designed specifically to eliminate sleep-related disorders through a series of treatments. The most common sleeping disorder is sleep apnea, which causes your breathing to stop or pause during sleep. These pauses can occur as often as 5-30 times per hour and usually start again with a loud snort or choking sound. This disease disrupts a person’s normal breathing patterns and the person moves from shallow sleep from deep sleep. They may feel dizzy and dull throughout the day and may doze off very often during the day. PAP therapy is the most commonly used therapy for sleep apnea.

Positive Airway Pressure

Positive airway pressure is a type of therapy that involves respiratory ventilation. It is basically used in the treatment of medical conditions like sleep apnea. This type of ventilation is also used for newborn babies or neonates, those with respiratory failures or people with atelectasis who have difficulty in taking deep breaths. PAP therapy can also prevent the need for tracheal intubation or help in early extubation. Doctors also prefer this therapy in cases of neuromuscular disease treatments.

MSA offers several PAP therapy devices to treat sleep apnea ensuring a comfortable sleep throughout the night. Some people are able to tolerate a steady and gentle flow of air during sleep, while some cannot. For those people, there are devices that offer variations in pressure. These devices use a positive airway pressure which is applied to the upper airway through a facial mask.

At MSA, we offer PAP therapy devices from various top-selling manufacturers like ResMed, Phillips Respironics, and Fisher & Paykel.

CPAP/Bi-Level PAP Systems

CPAP and Bi-Level PAP machines are continuous positive airway pressure machines used in the treatment of sleep apnea, sleep disorders, congestive heart failure, severe respiratory distress. The machine uses mild pressure to keep the airway open and provide sound sleep. Bi-Level PAP systems (or two-level) are positive airway pressure machines that are similar to CPAP except that they have two pressure settings – one pressure for inhalation and a lower one for exhalation.

CPAP Systems
  •  CPAP is an acronym for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. It provides the same (continuous) level of pressure to the person’s upper airway all night. 
  •  This pressure prevents the upper airway from collapsing at the time of sleep.
Bi-Level PAP Systems
  •  Bi-Level PAP stands for Bi-Level Positive Airway Pressure. It provides varying levels of pressure to the upper airway in the night. 
  •  The pressure is high at the time of inhalation and lower at the time of exhalation

What Makes CPAP Systems Different from Bi-Level PAP Systems?

CPAP machines are the most commonly used devices for obstructive sleep apnea. These devices deliver a steady, continuous stream of air pressure to the upper airways preventing them from collapsing. First, a CPAP titration study is conducted based on which your doctor determines the settings for your CPAP device to set it to deliver that required amount of pressure in a continuous manner. But these devices can only be set for a single level of pressure throughout the night. Bi-Level PAP systems, on the other hand, works in conjugation with the respiratory process that is high pressure on inhalation and low pressure on exhalation. This allows the user to take in more air. 

At MSA, we offer industry-leading CPAP/Bi-Level PAP systems from top quality manufacturers such as ResMed, Philips Respironics, Drive DeVilbiss and Fisher & Paykel. This includes CPAP machines, CPAP masks, CPAP humidifiers, portable Bi-Level PAP… among other items and accessories.

Enteral feeding is a means of supplying nutritional supplements, water and medication to a patient who is unable to take in food directly through the mouth or unable to swallow. The patient, who could be an adult or a child, is fed by a feeding tube which is a medical device specifically designed for this purpose. The feeding tube may be inserted through the nostrils and into the stomach or directly inserted through the abdomen and into the stomach through a surgically-created or non-surgical opening. We offer a wide variety of enteral feeding pumps to suit patients' varying nutritional, usability and mobility needs -- and do so at different prices to suit your budget. Select pumps mount directly on IV poles and others have been engineered to provide a greater degree of mobility and can even be placed in custom-designed backpacks for discreet nutrition-on-the-go. MSA will gather the needed documentation and deliver the pump, supplement and supplies, directly to the patient’s home.

Nutritional Supplements

Maintaining muscle and organ tissue is vital to the healing process, and proper nutrition plays an important role. If you don’t receive proper nutrition, your body may use your muscles for energy. Older adults may be advised to take some nutritional supplements to help protect their health and correct any vitamin or nutritional deficiencies that may hinder the healing process. Nutritional supplements can supply many of these healthy components when consumed with meals or between meals. Oral supplements can be chilled, frozen into a popsicle, or blended with ice cream and fruit into a delicious and nutritious shake. Always seek medical advice before taking new supplements. A high dosage, or taking supplements for too long, may be harmful. Some supplements can also interfere with prescription medication. The nutritionist or medical professional will evaluate the specific caloric intake for the patient and recommend the proper nutritional supplement for you.

At MSA, we offer oral and tube feeding nutrition products from top suppliers such as McKesson and Nestlé Health Science.

This category is comprised mainly of therapeutic mattresses, like the kind you'd find in a hospital room, that can help to rehab existing injuries, or to prevent future ailments. We offer pressure-relieving, antibacterial, fluid-proof, and combination models that can cater to almost any condition. Comfort, of course, is also a major concern. Whether you prefer a foam or gel overlay, or air-based surface, our specialized mattresses can help you get the rest and relaxation you deserve, without sacrificing the functionality you need.

Patient Lifts

Patient lifts are used by caregivers to transfer an individual with limited mobility into and out of a bed, commode, shower, etc. Lifts are mechanisms used to hoist the disabled patient that needs to be moved, while slings hook up to the lift’s arm and cradle the patient during transfer. Our power lifts involve minimum effort and smooth transfers. Manual lifts offer maximum support with minimum effort. There are hydraulic-powered lifts, bariatric manual lifts, pool transfer lifts, etc. Patient lift slings are ideal for individuals with highly-impaired mobility, bariatric or people with restricted head control or neck support. 

At MSA, we offer top quality mattresses and lifts from suppliers such as Drive DeVilbiss, Golden Technologies, Pride Mobility, and Gemco Medical.

Bathroom safety aid products include specially designed tools to assist in showering and safely using the toilet. This includes transfer benches, shower benches, chairs and stools. We also offer commodes and commode systems with raised toilet seats to facilitate easy sit-down on a commode, inflatable bathtub/basin for convenient shampooing, grab bars and toilet safety rails designed for those who need support sitting down or standing up. We offer a variety of commodes, including models with drop arm, folding, without armrest, with regular armrest, padded, plastic and more. Also available are options in seat height, weight capacity, width, depth and size. At MSA, we offer bathroom safety aid products from leading industry suppliers such as Drive DeVilbiss.

Incontinence Products & Supplies

Incontinence can affect anyone of any age and it often comes in stages. We understand that bladder/bowel control is a sensitive subject and we’re committed to providing discreet, effective solutions to address the mental and physical discomfort that stem from this issue. The severity of leakage can stay the same for years, progressively get worse, or it may even go away if the body can heal or recover. Your doctor or continence nurse should give you a good evaluation of the potential outlook. Pads can often fit neatly and comfortably inside the user's undergarment. In contrast, protective underwear and briefs (diapers) are simply worn like underwear. Not all incontinence products are created equal, so the choice will depend on how much absorption is needed, whether the user is male or female and other factors. At MSA, we offer incontinence products from leading industry suppliers such as First Quality Products.

MSA is a leader in providing exceptional quality prosthetic and orthotic products to our patients. We offer the highest quality and best technology decompression lumbar back braces and knee braces available on the market today. We also specialize in therapeutic shoes and mastectomy care products. We are committed to giving each patient the personalized and attentive care they deserve, understanding their own unique needs. All of our orthotics and prosthetics are custom fitted in-house to ensure consistency and quality. Each of our offices has highly trained and dedicated staff to give you the personalized and exceptional service that MSA is known for.

At MSA, we offer prosthetic and orthotic products from suppliers such as Disc Disease Solutions, Jodee, and Skye Medical.

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Based in Virginia, MSA Home Medical Equipment offers respiratory and oxygen therapy, sleep therapy, mobility equipment, walkers/canes, enteral nutrition, hospital beds and patient lifts.  We provide superior customer service and we are committed to earning the respect of our patients.  We provide a full-service healthcare solution to ensure the best patient care possible.  This includes sales, service and rentals with free delivery in your area. 

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